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The ABC’s of Brand Marketing

By 21 December 2016March 23rd, 2021Online Marketing
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The ABC’s of Brand Marketing

If your business was a person, what would her characteristics be? Funny? Sarcastic? Warm and comfortable? How you describe that person is how people view your brand. Your brand is the voice and feel of your company. It’s how your customers come to know your products, why they come back for more and what they expect when they interact with your business on any level.

There are numerous aspects to good brand marketing so we’ll walk you through the ABCs of what we’ve learned as a leading Detroit marketing company.

  • Authenticity: Be uniquely you. Businesses who live in the grey area of branding do not make it to the top. Make your business’ voice consistent with how you want customers to feel when they engage with the company on any level.
  • Bold: Do not be afraid to be bold. Stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s an amazing return policy like Zappos or being known for strong employee relations like Google, find your niche and mark it!
  • Creative: Have a flash mob market your product or host a bizarre contest on Facebook. Do not be restricted by what brand marketing is supposed to look like.
  • Dedicated: Pick a voice and stick with it. Your brand needs to be consistent across all social media platforms, your website and in-person when customers reach out to your team.
  • Engaging: Your brand marketing needs to be engaging to your target audience. Make sure your marketing is a two-way communication. Don’t just put information out. Listen to your audience.
  • Feeling: Make your customers feel something when they use your product or service. Never underestimate the power of an emotional connection to a brand.
  • Genuine: Customers are quick to pick up on false claims and empty promises. Keep your message genuine and honest.
  • Helpful: Today’s businesses are so much more than a product or service. They can also offer helpful advice. Use your blog or social media channel as a way to highlight real-life, helpful information your customers can use (even if it doesn’t involve buying your product).
  • Innovative: Don’t ever get stuck in the “way we’ve always done it” cycle. Keep a consistent voice but be willing to share that voice on new outlets and be willing to improve and change through customer feedback.
  • Join: Find groups or organizations within your community where you can network, give back, or grow your business.
  • Keywords: Find the keywords or phrases that best fit your brand marketing. Optimize your website content with those keywords to boost traffic from those searching online.
  • Listen: As a business owner or manager, it can be hard to take constructive feedback on a product or service you’ve poured your heart into. But listening to your customers can help you develop even better products and build loyal customers. An open mind will make you more successful.
  • Money: Building great customer relationships is part of the brand marketing process, but so is making money. Make sure you are keeping data on efforts like social media engagement and website statistics so you can determine the ROI for your marketing dollars and effort.
  • Networking: Whether it’s on social media, at community events or at the grocery store, never stop meeting people who use your products or those who need to be introduced.
  • Opportunity: There are opportunities every day for your brand to be seen, heard, and even felt (refer back to emotion and feeling). Take advantage of them.
  • Persistence: Your brand will not be built over night. That’s why it’s so important for you to keep your brand marketing voice consistent. Stick with being genuine in your approach and it will never feel like work.
  • Quality: Make it good. You get one shot at creating a memorable brand; make sure your focus is on quality and not quantity.
  • Rally: Get your entire team on the same page. Rally the troops and make sure they understand and have bought into the voice of the company brand.
  • Sustainability: Brand marketing, when done well, is something that is sustainable. Don’t jump on anyone else’s bandwagon; that success will be short lived. Staying true to your company values is sustainable.
  • Trustworthy: Build loyal customers and a strong brand by being trustworthy. Provide quality products and be good to your people (employees and customers).
  • Update: While your brand voice doesn’t need to change, the website, Facebook cover photo or even the logo may need a fresh look. Stop on occasion to ask if anything needs an update.
  • Voice: How do you want your brand to make customers feel? Use the voice that tells that story, and for the 80th time, be consistent in that voice.
  • Writing: Content on your website, your social media sites and your printed marketing materials needs to be vetted to ensure your brand marketing is consistent and that the writing is appealing to your target audience.
  • eXciting: Create a brand that your customers can get excited about. From a new product countdown to unexpected giveaways, keep your customers engaged and anticipating what’s next.
  • Yes: Yes you can build a strong, sustainable brand. You have the support of your team, your customers, and the innovation that comes from networking and learning from other businesses.
  • Zealous: Always show your enthusiasm for your company in your brand marketing. If you’re not excited about your product, no one else will be.

Detroit Marketing Company

Your brand is your voice! It’s how people can relate to your company and how they identify with your company. If you are in need of branding or a revamp of your current brand, call the Geeks at Geek Town USA, a top Detroit marketing company to help!