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Effective Facebook marketing strategies for businesses

By 16 November 2016December 16th, 2016Online Marketing
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Facebook marketing starts with a creating a Facebook page! But, creating a Facebook page and creating a great Facebook page are not one in the same. Anyone with a Facebook account can create their own page, but you want to build a page full of content that is engaging, eye catching and leaves your clients clicking on your posts each day. When you consider that Facebook sees on average more than 1 billion active users each day, it makes you wonder, why would a business not utilize the largest social media platform in the world?

When it comes to Facebook marketing that will catch users’ eye and earn a “click” as they scroll through their newsfeed, there are Facebook do’s and don’ts you need to keep in mind.

How to market your business on Facebook

  • Fill out the About section. There are two areas to tell people what your business is about. The smaller area is designed for a concise description, but be sure to include your website URL there – otherwise it will get lost in the full scale About page.
  • Use a recognizable Facebook profile photo. Your Facebook profile picture is what people will see in their Facebook feeds, it identifies your company and it plays a vital role in marketing your business.
  • Send a message in your Facebook cover photo. Your Facebook cover photo is a good way to promote what’s currently going on in your business – whether you’re offering a seasonal service, a discounted product or enrolling new clients – this image can get the word out.
  • Post more than just a link. The most effective Facebook posts offer more than a headline and image. People love stories – so tell yours. Do more than share a link or video; explain what it means to you and why you’re posting it.
  • Be interactive. Part of your goal should be to gain likes, comments, and shares on Facebook. To do this, ask a question or give instructions.
    • “Do you agree with…?”
    • “Would you rather…?”
    • “Have you ever…?”
    • Give us a “like” on this post if you agree…
    • Caption this photo…
  • Get to the point. Social media marketing content shouldn’t be complex. DigitalMarketer reports Facebook posts with 40 characters or less received 85% more engagement than those with a higher character count.
  • Same goes for videos. How long should your Facebook video be for effective social media marketing? The average Facebook video is 44 seconds long, but those clips that are less than 21 seconds performed in the top 25% for completion rates, according to SocialBakers.

Don’t do this in your Facebook marketing

  • Post too often. Don’t confuse quantity for quality. Rather than posting several times a day, get the most from your Facebook marketing by building engaging posts about two times daily.
  • Post any time of the day. Concentrate your Facebook marketing efforts on the weekdays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Ignore comments or questions. Even if your customers are upset or questioning a recent company change, respond to comments on Facebook. Facebook posts your average time for a response, which can play into authenticating your account and other privileges on the social media outlet. In addition, 42% of customers expect a response within an hour after they post to your Facebook page.
  • Always try to sell something. Stick to the 80/20 rule of social media marketing. That is, only 20% of what you post to Facebook should be centrally focused on your business, a product, or service. If customers constantly feel that your content is just an effort to get their money, they will quickly unlike or unfollow your brand. The other 80% of your content should be articles or information your fans can use, engage with and learn from.

While you’re planning your Facebook marketing efforts, consider that today’s clients are extremely digitally savvy and can quickly spot an advertisement wrapped in a clickbait headline. Do right by your audience, and your Facebook “likes” and engagement will reflect your efforts.

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