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Google Performance Max: What Is It & Can It Help Your Business?

Google Performance Max

Did you know that your business can show ads on Google Search, Google Display, Gmail, Maps, Discover, and YouTube without creating separate ad campaigns for each platform? It’s true.

Enter Google Performance Max. 

Google’s latest advertising campaign type, Performance Max, will broadcast your ads on multiple Google ad platforms and optimize every ad that runs for the maximum conversions possible. Set goals based on your unique needs and Google’s algorithms will work to achieve those goals and drive your business.

While this can be a very useful tool, how effective it is for your business may depend on the goals of your digital media efforts. Let’s take a closer look.

Is Google Performance Max Right For Your Business?

Performance Max is designed for businesses that have the following attributes:

  • Your business has specific conversion goals you want to achieve.
    Performance Max is terrific for eCommerce businesses looking to drive online sales or businesses wanting to drive lead generation.
  • Your business wants to lower your digital advertising cost-per-lead.
    With Performance Max, Google will optimize your campaigns on multiple platforms to not only drive new leads and sales but to do it at the lowest cost possible.
  • You have lots of great assets for your business including graphics and videos.
    To set up a Performance Max campaign, you will need sharp graphics and stunning video that will help your ads stand out on multiple ad platforms.
  • You’ve been advertising on one platform like Google Search and want to try other platforms to reach more potential customers.
    Performance Max is a one-stop shop for setting up a campaign designed to run on Google Display, Search, YouTube, Gmail, and more. Plus, management of your ads is much more efficient as ad specialists are working with one campaign rather than multiple campaigns on several platforms.
  • You want Google’s machine learning to make sure ads are running on the best platform at all times to drive conversions.
    With Performance Max, Google’s algorithm will learn your campaigns and optimize them to run ads on the platform that will perform best on a given day and time.

Why Performance Max May Not Be For Your Business

On the flip side, Google Performance Max may not be the best choice if:

  • You’re more interested in brand awareness for your business.
    Performance Max optimizes your campaign for specific goals like online purchases, form fills, and phone calls. It’s not designed at this time to optimize for the goal of having your ads seen by the most people possible to drive brand awareness.
  • You don’t have all the assets needed to really optimize a Performance Max campaign.
    If your budget is tight and you don’t have videos and graphics created for your business, you may need to stick with one platform like Google Search until you can have these assets created. Our Content Marketing team is here to help to get started!
  • Your website landing pages aren’t optimized to convert visitors.
    Because Google Performance Max is designed for online sales and lead generation, you need to make sure that when a user clicks on your ad, they hit a website page that will encourage them to buy an item, fill out a form, or call you. If the landing page experience is poor and people don’t reach out, the campaign won’t perform well.
  • You don’t have much time.
    Because Performance Max campaigns are built off machine learning it takes longer to exit the learning phase with a new campaign. It can take up to 2 to 3 weeks of the learning process to become fully optimized. Performance Max campaigns are best used to achieve long-term goals.
  • You run a wide variety of display ads.
    Because Performance Max leverages and utilizes the display network more efficiently than traditional display ads, Performance Max campaigns can take priority over existing traditional display ads.
  • You have a small budget.
    Due to the nature of Performance Max campaigns running several hundred tests simultaneously you need a considerable budget in order to test all of your ad copy and ad assets during the course of the learning phase in order to achieve optimal results.

At the end of the day, the objective is to not only drive your business goals but to do it as efficiently as possible.

If you’re ready to think about launching a Google Performance Max campaign but you’re afraid to devote budget to a new campaign type, we get it!

Geek Town USA paid media specialists can A/B test Performance Max campaigns against the performance of other campaign types to see what performs best. If a Search campaign has been working well, for example, we would keep it going while testing.

If after testing we find that Performance Max is the best solution for your business, we can go all in! If not, we’ll go in a different direction. As always, we collaborate with you to assure that campaigns are optimized and drive the best leads possible at a low cost.

Ready to learn more about Google Performance Max and if it’s right for your business? Contact our geeks today!

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