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The Importance of a Good Landing Page

By 14 November 2016March 23rd, 2021Online Marketing
Landing Page

Website Design Focus: The Importance of a Good Landing Page

Great website design teams will tell you that one of the secrets to a high conversion rate is a great landing page. The idea behind a landing page is to get your target audience to take one, specific action. What makes a landing page effective, however, takes careful thought and design. An effective landing page makes it clear what your customer will receive and how to get it. This is not the place for a soft sell. You have your customer ready to click the “buy now” button – how will you make the conversion?

Avoid the Homepage

The energy and money you put into social media marketing, PPC ads, or third party online ads is virtually wasted if you’re connecting to your homepage – forcing your customers to search for the very reason they clicked the advertisement. A specific, well-designed landing page is crucial for customer conversion. Whether you’re asking for contact information, want the visitor to download a video or eBook, or are offering a discount with a specific purchase, a landing page that gives specific detail will be key to your online success.

Specific Metrics

Whether you create your landing pages in-house or have a website design team furnish the content, you now have the ability to track traffic to that specific page. Your website analytics will show you how long visitors stay on the landing page, the bounce rate, and pageviews. Those stats will help you determine what’s working and what needs to change to better your conversion.

Landing Pages Have Multiple Uses

Landing pages are one of the most unique digital marketing tools in that they can be used on many different platforms with little to no adjustment to the advertising message. Whether your focus is on Facebook, email marketing, PPC ads, or a combination of many different outlets, your landing page content doesn’t have to change, and the advertising message needs little adjustment.

Now that we’ve looked at some of the core benefits of landing pages, let’s take a quick glimpse of what makes an effective landing page:

  • Clear headline – Visitors to your landing page should immediately see what they can expect to receive by converting on this page. A well-written headline sums up the offer and describes the benefit.
  • Text – The majority of visitors will not read all of the text on your landing page, so get to the point. Highlight the benefits in bullet points and use white space to break up the content to make it more digestible for your readers.
  • Keywords – Use keywords for your own marketing benefit of SEO optimization. Squeeze the key words or phrases into the headline, page text or webpage metadata description.
  • Social media buttons – Incorporate social media buttons that allow readers to share the landing page with their friends.
  • Lead capture – This key component to your landing page is where customers will provide the information you’re after in exchange for the offer.
  • Images – Make your landing pages more visually appealing by including a relevant image. Whether it’s of the product offered, before and after photos (especially effective in health or fitness related landing pages) or a prize to be given away, it will break up the information and make the offer more enticing.

The more landing pages you create, the more opportunities you have to convert your visitors into customers, decrease your ad costs and gather detailed web analytics from your target audience to help make adjustments for the future.

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