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Lead Generation On Your Website

By 29 November 2016May 17th, 2020Online Marketing
Lead Generation

Your entire website revolves around sharing information, interacting with viewers, and of course, selling your product or service and lead generation. The challenge is, to find which of the pages on your site produce the most pageviews and create a way to convert new visitors to customers and keep returning customers on your site longer.

As a top Detroit Website Design Firm, we have a few ideas to consider when reviewing your site and once you identify your top trafficked pages, there are four basic content tests to better your conversion rate.

No Dead Ends

A dead end on a highly visited website page will drastically increase your bounce rate, not to mention will cause you to miss countless revenue opportunities. A dead end is when a visitor comes into your site, and while on a specific page, can’t find an easy way to get to additional content (and using the “back” arrow doesn’t count).

Let’s say your About Us page is one of the top visited pages on your site. Although your first inclination may not be to promote a new product or recent blog post, the concept of lead generation tells you it’s the ideal page to place new content. Otherwise, visitors to your About Us page will be much more likely to leave your site altogether is they don’t immediately find something to catch their interest.

Lead generation content ideas:

  • Attention grabbing videos that solve a real problem in your industry (even if it doesn’t directly promote a product from your business)
  • Quiz. Make a short quiz visitors can take that will help them determine something about themselves. (I.e. – Take this quiz to see which product best fits your personality)
  • Offer “best of” tools. Again, this is to inform your visitors about a challenge or common issue in your industry. The “best of” tools may not all be from your company.
  • Free eBook. Compile an information eBook that you offer to your visitors for free.
  • Discount for sign-up. Offer your customers a discount for subscribing to your email distribution list.

Speed up load time

One of the quickest ways to lose a potential customer is having a website full of pages that take too long to load. As a leading Detroit website design firm  we will construct pages that are image and graphic optimized to load quickly. There are four core components of any webpage (especially on an e-commerce site) that you should consider, and monitor, when thinking about load time:

  • Images – Full-sized images can require a lot of bandwidth while loading.
  • Stylesheets – Ineffective or large amounts of code can create major roadblocks for your site
  • Custom fonts – Fancy isn’t always fun. Customize your font, but keep the coding limited
  • Responsive design – Browser must download entire web page, then resize it according to the screen size

Incorporate Social Media Marketing

Shareaholic reports social media is now the number one driver of all website referral traffic, making your need for a killer social media marketing game even more critical. The same study reveals Facebook leads the way on social media platforms coming in with total traffic share of 16-25% month after month.

The takeaway: Make sure you have a steady stream of shareable content on your website. Build new blogs, videos and images (think infographics) that your customers will want to share with their social media fans and followers. A stagnate website will get little to no traffic and certainly not much play on social media.

Design a CTA that Stands Out

What do you want people to do when they land on one of your most frequently visited pages? Perhaps you want them to enter their information for a new contest, subscribe to a monthly email blast or download your latest eBook. No matter the goal, your Call To Action needs to be well-placed and contrasting to the other content on the page. Many website designers fall into the pit of the right-hand rail of information. When a CTA is built, it’s automatically placed on the right side of the webpage, but studies show us, that’s not a great location. ConversionXL explains that the upper, left corner actually gets the most action, and the majority of visitors scan information in an “F-pattern.” Build a CTA with contrasting colors, make the benefit clear, and make it easy.

Once you’ve identified your top performing web pages, focus on building content that will convert your visitors into customers, and make your current client base repeat customers. Be purposeful in the CTA content you create and make sure your visitors know the benefit they’ll receive. Throw in quality content that your customers want to share on social media, and you’ll be well on your way to growing your conversion rate on already popular webpages.

Lead Generation Site Review

Is your site not converting? As a top Detroit Website Design Firm, we are here to help you take your site visitors from “visitors” to “customers”. Let’s work together to review your site for potential lead generation opportunities and updates. Call Geek Town USA today.