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One of the most important aspects of your brand is your reputation. By that, we’re talking about more than what customers are saying online—although that is a super important part. We’re also talking about ensuring all your company’s information is accurate, creating useful citations, and more. With the right strategy, your company’s online reputation can go from ordinary to extraordinary—sometimes in a matter of days.

So what is brand reputation management? Well, it’s all about creating, maintaining, and updating all the information about your company online. That way, both customers and search engines find your business, well, reputable.

Reputation Management Checklist

  • Create citations
  • Optimize your GMB page
  • Generate & manage reviews
  • Respond to both positive & negative reviews

At Geek Town USA, we take a results-driven approach to online reputation management to build customer trust which will, ultimately, translate to higher sales/conversions for your business. Using your input and our expertise, we’ll create an individualized strategy that helps improve your brand presence, online reputation, and even your local SEO. (Whether you’re in the metro Detroit area or anywhere else.)

You spend enormous amounts of time and effort attracting your customers. Let us help you retain them.

Online Review

Dedicated Review Management Services

Generate And Manage Google Reviews From Real Customers

As you know, online reviews are crucial to your business’s success and your local SEO. No matter what industry you’re in, the number of reviews your business receives—and the quality of those reviews—helps you rank higher. In fact, 97% of consumers say online reviews influence their buying decision. Yeah.

Now, equally important as ranking is converting leads. And one sure-fire way to build trust with your customers and boost conversions is by replying to online reviews. People spend 49% more money at businesses that reply to reviews. Again, yeah.

Because reviews are so important for your business, we leave as little to chance as possible. Our team offers a full-service one-two-punch of review management services that generate new customers reviews while also maintaining existing reviews and responses.

Engaging In Conversations Online

Our team will engage with your customers where they’re having conversations about your business like on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and even on platforms specific to your industry. We keep a close eye on your brand’s reviews, carefully checking what customers are saying about your company so we can take proactive action toward nurturing and protecting your online brand reputation.

Connect With Customers Directly

Using geek-approved email and text tools, our team can communicate with your customers directly to request reviews on Google and across several other platforms. Consistently generating new reviews is an important consideration for Google rankings. So, whether you prefer manual or automated communication, we can tailor a solution to fit your needs.

Responding To Reviews

Part of our philosophy, which has proven quite effective, is to respond to all reviews—both positive and negative. We don’t recommend replying to just the positive feedback and ignoring the negative reviews. If you don’t look at them, they don’t go away. Trust us. With our custom solution, you’ll have access to all your reviews in one place so you can easily face them head-on.

Responding to these negative reviews is an opportunity to address customer concerns and build your company’s credibility in the process. Not to mention, it looks really good to other potential customers to see that if they have any kind of issue, your company is responsive and willing to accommodate them. Win-win, right?

Ongoing Citation Building And Cleanup Services

Ensure Accurate Citation Data Across The Web

One of the first places to start when trying to boost your online reputation is with your citations. It’s an essential piece in the foundation when building an overall brand reputation and local SEO strategy.

When we say citations, we’re talking about the visibility of your name, address, and phone number (a.k.a. NAPs). It also includes your company’s website URL(s).

Citations are a key factor in local search engine ranking and an excellent way to generate backlinks for your company. Our team ensures that your data is syndicated across several (up to 45, to be exact) relevant directories and high domain authority sites which signal to search engines that you exist, your brand’s reputation is solid, and your brand is relevant to users.

Usual suspects for citations:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Apple Maps
Google My Business

Now, the other piece to the citation management puzzle is citation cleanup services. Our team will audit your citations to correct any inaccurate data, close duplicate listings, and edit any changes to your information upon discovery. We will also develop strategies for editing data in the event of mergers, rebranding, relocations, and hours of operation and URL changes.

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