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Snapchat: A users’ guide for social media marketing

By 15 November 2016June 6th, 2022Social Media Marketing
How to use Snapchat for Social Media Management

It’s no surprise that when business owners hear there’s yet another social media platform sweeping through the digital world, there is a collective eye roll and sigh. Trending social sites can come and go, making it tough for managers to determine where they should spend their time and marketing dollars. While many digital marketers forecasted Snapchat would be among those long-forgotten social apps of yesteryear, a new report from eMarketer says Snapchat will increase its user base by double digits by the end of 2017.

It’s time to explore Snapchat, not because it’s the new trending site. The social giant has proven it has longevity. The demographic of Snapchat users is shifting, and your target audience may just be jumping on board with the faceless ghost icon. Millennials currently make up about 70% of the Snapchat user base, but by the end of 2020, eMarketer predicts that number will drop to just 56%. So who is the new group of users moving into the Smapchat craze – your customers. The app, which has long been known for its not-so-user-friendly experience, is changing rapidly, and shouldn’t be intimidating, even for the most inexperienced social media user.

Getting started on Snapchat

Why would you want to miss out on 58.6 active monthly users? eMarketer says Snapchat will reach the astronomical number in 2016, that’s 28.3% of all U.S. cell phone owners and 18.1% of the nation’s population.

Once you download the Snapchat app, there are five simply ways to get your account moving, attracting new friends and potential customers.

  • Showcase live events – Snapchat is a great tool for live events. Let people see what’s happening in real time. Use it for product launches, to kick off an online sale, or celebrate a new store opening.
  • Exclusive content – Give your Snapchat friends a sneak peek at exclusive products or events. It’s easy to use Snapchat as a gateway to news not found on other social media outlets.
  • Promotions, deals and contests – Use Snapchat to be interactive with your social media audience. Look for ways to grow your branding by asking followers to post snaps while holding your product.
  • Get personal – Let people know your Snapchat story. Offer behind the scenes looks at your company or how a product is made. The idea of keeping a company “strictly business” is long gone. Your customers want to engage with you and feel involved in the product or service that they love.
  • Collaborate with big names – Whether it’s a social media celebrity, an A-lister caught in your product or a new store carrying your swag, partner with influencers on Snapchat. Grow your brand through social media marketing by highlighting when and where your product was used.

If the number of user alone doesn’t catch your attention, eMarketer also reveals that 76% of Snapchat users are also online shoppers. Let’s think about this…you have a service or product you want to get in front of potential customers. Snapchat has 58 million users who log in to the app at least once per month, with three-fourths of those users also making purchases online. It’s time to join the ghostly app, and please, let’s be snappy about it.

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