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Is it Time for a New Website?

By 21 December 2016March 23rd, 2021Web Design
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Is it Time for a New Website?

If just thinking about adding new content to your website gives you a headache because your Content Management System is so complicated, if you’ve experienced any type of security breech, or if your site is just plain ugly…it’s time for a new website. In fact, the very idea that you’re reading this article likely means you’re aware that your website is on life support and it’s time for a change. According to Stanford University, creating an interactive, informative website is key to your business success when you consider 75% of people judge the credibility of a company based on the design of its website. And keep this number in mind – 81. That’s the percentage of shoppers who conduct online research before they make a purchase, with the vast majority of those using a major search engine to help them along the way. Let’s take a closer look at four telltale signs you need a new website.

Mobile Friendly Website

A recent report from Smart Insights indicates 25% of Internet users only access the Internet on a mobile device. We’ll reword that for you – if your company website isn’t on mobile, you can’t even reach one-fourth of all web users. The less frightening side of that statistic is that working with a website design company to create a fresh, responsive mobile site is super simple.

Consistently Low Conversation Rates

You want your company’s website to look good and offer valuable information, but if it’s not making you money (or successfully converting in another way), it’s time for a revamp. As a leading Detroit web design company, we know how to increase those conversion stats. Forbes says most companies see between 2 to 3 percent of their incoming traffic eventually convert. For your business, a successful conversion could mean gaining a customer’s email address or phone number, having them join your rewards program, or getting them to purchase your latest product. Whatever you want your website visitors to eventually do, a conversion rate lower than two percent is a red flag to a potential problem. You could need a new website, or you might simply need to add some fresh content. Let’s talk about it.

Site Loads Slowly

Web users expect your website to load within three seconds or less, according to Most ecommerce sites take about 6.5 seconds to fully load, so the challenge for your website design company becomes creating quality content while still getting the site to load before visitors get impatient and abandon the page. There are many factors for your website design company to consider when building the new site and attempting to speed things up, but let’s zero in on the four main problem areas:

  • Custom fonts – If the content is good, you shouldn’t have to load the page down with code to make the letters look pretty.
  • Images – The recommended image size can vary depending on your Content Management System, but generally speaking, web users want the page to load more than they want award-winning images.
  • Responsive design – Here’s where your website design company needs to be especially aware of image and file sizes and anything else that may slow the page. A mobile user’s device has to download the entire page and then resize it to fit the screen. This is even more reason to keep your site simple and informative.
  • Style sheets – Useless or large amounts of code will slow your site’s load time.

Third Party Content

Widgets from third party sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like may slow your page load, especially if there is a technical problem with the third party website. Don’t get pulled into using the widgets because it looks good or someone told you to include “social” on your homepage. The geeks at our Detroit web design company can look over your website traffic to determine how useful your third party content really is and give your new website some alternative ways to use social media.

Detroit Web Design Company – Hire The Geeks

Your website is your portal to new and loyal customers. Make your website content engaging, appealing and useful. A new or redesigned website will give you and your company a much needed fresh start.

If you’re looking for a Detroit web design company that combines creativity and digital marketing experience, then you are in the right place. Call us today and let’s talk about how we can help!